The Brand Image Plan of Kerman Motor Company

Expert’s team of Nikrad has designed the Brand Image Plan of Kerman Motor Company (an Iranian automobile company – manufacturer and importer). After conducting research and technical studies, the plan started to implementation by telephone interviews in 13 cities (Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, Karaj Gorgan , Rasht, Uremia, Bandar Abbas, Arak, Shahre Kord, Saveh and…

نظام آمارهای ثبتی

Register-Based Statistics Systems

In field of information systems, the main problem is that many projects have performed and the results are not acceptable. In big organizations, specially governmental organizations, preparing statistical reports has many problems and difficulties and projects has failed to solve the problem. Register-based statistics systems principles are a collection of qualifications for information systems that…

نظر سنجی های اجتماعی

Social Polls

The main difference between polls and other surveys is in type of interview. In such projects NIKRAD uses students and graduates of social sciences or experienced interviewers who know research methods to have accurate and reliable results. The point is that in such projects arrangement of experts of social sciences and statistics makes it possible…

مطالعات شهر سازی

Urban Studies

In many cases urban studies requires surveys on social economic fields. There are many urban projects in Iran that has performed without such a study and leaded to bad social results. Performing such researches requires adequate human resources and knowledge of complex sampling designs. Some studies about worn-out areas are as well. Moreover, municipalities for…

مطالعات بازار

Market Research

Market research is generally based on research method. Qualitative studies for initial phases and quantitative studies for continue and complete the research. NIKRAD uses experienced expert man force for all steps, and has designed own special methods to gain best quality in a well cost. List of NIKRAD’s performed projects and taskmasters shows its high…