Nikrad International Statistical Researchers (NISR) that was founded in 2005 in Iran has provided GIS, Mapping and Statistical Data Collection services for its clients. By The Company which benefits collaboration of engineers, statistical experts, social researchers and university professors has increased its scientific capacities in planning and implement of following projects:

  • Planning and Implementation of GIS projects
  • Designing and Implementation of Spatial Databases
  • GIS and Statistical Studies and Researches
  • Planning and implementation of Statistical and Sampling projects
  • Analysis and Dissemination of  GIS, Statistical and Survey data
  • Partnership in Traffic and Transport projects
  • Inspection and quality control of Data Collection
  • Partnership in Organizing and Preparing of Official Statistics
  • Land Surveying, Providing and Updating of statistical Maps

In today’s world market, control over strategic resources is necessary for lasting. But higher than, it should be noted the strategic resources are changing. So smart managers and leaders are looking to identify and dominate the future strategic resources. These resources are known as: Credit, Human, Energy and Data: CHEWD
NIKRAD has provided necessary tools to provide, process and analysis data and present different services in this field.
Our company has provided two kinds of services in general: Research approach and System approach.
In system approach, designing and implementation of information systems are carrying out with qualitative approach of register-based statistics and based on developed methodology by NIKRAD that has a great performance.
Geographic information system (GIS) is the other part of our system approach. Capability of NIKRAD in providing information and using accurate updated maps with a convenience cost, made the company distinguished in this field.

In research approach, the qualitative and quantitative researches are on agenda. We are developing the following items based on research method principles by our experienced experts:

  • Conceptual studies,
  • Questionnaire design,
  • Sampling design,
  • Project design,
  • Data collection,
  • Data entry and processing,
  • Producing analytical reports
  • And finally providing scientific advanced models for making decision